The Insurance Case: The Adventures of a German Insurance Agent in the North of Brazil

the-insurance-caseIn the middle of the 21st century the world is divided into two economic alliances: the Western and the Asian Alliance. The power blocs are competing in the race to the resources of the universe and are each building an elevator to Earth’s orbit, at the same time.

At the beginning of the construction of the elevator of the Western Alliance a serious accident has occurred. From the South American spaceport in Kourou a rocket containing construction materials has been launched, which exploded shortly afterward, still in the atmosphere. A year later, strange lung diseases appear in the region of the Brazilian Amazon.

An agent of the insurance of the construction company is sent to the region to pursue clues for a connection between the diseases and the accident. During his adventurous business trip in the Amazon region of Brazil he experiences a moral conflict. Should he accomplish his mission and disperse the evidence that he finds in order to protect the project of the century from loss of image? Or should he publish his knowledge and thus help the victims to evade certain death?

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